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behind the scenes


from the plant to your home
For us handcrafted, sustainable and high quality materials is what sets our home goods apart.  Our passion for fique is not only for its beautiful texture, colours and warmth but also that it is a unique sustainable material, from one plant 15-20 years of production.  We support the artisans of Curiti, in the Andean region of Colombia.  Families of weavers who have mastered their craft over generations.  Our hand woven goods are long lasting, and eventually they are biodegradable, returning to the earth.
Our collection is based on the principles of sustainability, solutions for your home that elevate daily rituals.


from the earth to your table

All our clay products have been handmade by skilled artisans in Colombia.  Each piece is crafted with clay from the region,  you can see the minerals of the clay and feel the traditional techniques of the artisans of Colombia

The handmade process adds individuality and character.  We expect imperfections as this gives each piece its unique attributes.  It adds warmth and character to your home and table.  We want to share their craft with you giving you a sense of the small local production of our ceramics by our team in  Colombia.